SkateX is a new web3 game that combines extreme sports action, a massively social multiplayer experience, and collectible NFTs from today's hottest street artists.
At its heart, SkateX is an action game, allowing players to perform tricks, complete challenges, and compete with others. Or, just relax with friends and skate around town showing off your swag. SkateX empowers you to carve your own online path.
SkateX skateboard decks come in the form of NFTs that players can own, upgrade and interact with. Ride your board across our meta-city and skate parks, display your boards to show the works of art they are, or sell them when you're ready for a different look. NFT skateboards are just the beginning, we'll be adding other clothing and gear as NFTs that players can own and equip to fully embrace their digital identities.
SkateX is being built by a team of gaming industry veterans who helped create hit titles for EA, Kabam, Lucasfilm, Roblox, Supercell and more. We grew up playing extreme sports games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, 1080 Snowboarding and Kelly Slater Pro Surfing. With SkateX we plan to bring that standard of fun and addictiveness to entirely new levels thanks to blockchain technology.
The world of SkateX will always be evolving with new art, new challenges, and new friends to ride around with. By giving gamers more control over their digital assets, our goal is to create a more exciting and enjoyable game experience for everyone.
-The Block Tackle Team