Our driving mission with SkateX is to create a fun-first video game that offers new levels of depth in narrative and visual storytelling, thanks to ownership opportunities enabled by blockchain technology.
SkateX will become a rich and immersive world where players are free to complete missions, hang out with and make new friends, authentically express themselves, and take ownership of the world they create alongside us. To accomplish this mission, we must adhere to a number of core principles:
  • Bias towards the player: SkateX is built around true digital ownership and the long-term potential of blockchain technologies. After purchase, our players can use our NFTs as they wish, prioritizing in-game functionality or secondary market viability. This principle similarly guides game development, requiring features and functions that prioritize the player, guided by community interest.
  • AAA all the way: SkateX will feature world class visuals, fluid gameplay and a vast immersive world ripe for exploration. Our world will be constantly expanding and evolving, offering never-ending growth opportunities for creative development.
  • Everyone can ollie: SkateX is not trying to replicate IRL skating. We’ll leave the exact laws of gravity to other games. In our world, it’s no sweat to pull off sick tricks and have fun. We also aim to offer secondary functionalities that allow our users to express themselves creatively.
  • Evolve and thrive: We are at the very early stages of understanding what Web 3.0 technology will bring to the gaming market. As crypto tools/apps improve, we will prioritize early in-game adoption to ensure SkateX grows with the ecosystem around it. We aspire to become the Web 3.0 leader in extreme sports, offering competitive opportunities that incentivize community and market growth.
  • Be yourself: We are building a world where you can be whomever or whatever you wish. This means developing a rich and unique avatar customization system. We are also building with interoperability in mind, collaborating with other major projects in the NFT space to bring crossover avatar options into the SkateX universe.
  • Inclusivity: Skating is more fun with friends. We are building a radically inclusive world where everyone is welcome and able to have a positive in-game and community experience.
Building SkateX is a massive undertaking. As such, some of the ideas and plans represented in this document are subject to change.