Core Gameplay

SkateX is a skill-based skateboarding game set in an open-world metaverse. Build an avatar and drop in the lobby to skate, join a crew and socialize with friends. Bring your NFT skateboard, upgrade and master new tricks across a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay modes.
Whether it’s solo or with your crew, players will compete in challenges, master tricks, enter tournaments and build a fanbase to unlock sponsorships, token prizes and other exciting rewards.
SkateX will be free-to-play and open to all regardless of whether you own NFTs. Your ability to earn prizes should always be based on skill, degrees of engagement and contributions to the community. Our long-term view is to keep the game fresh with engaging content and endless fun. By using an open-economy we can empower players with ownership of their assets and enable them to build value from their time-spent in the ecosystem.